I decided to try a speed-build, just to finish something quick and decompress from more complicated projects. I have chosen the nice RWD-8 in 1/72 scale from IBG. I made the civilian version of the Polish trainer as it should look like at Łódź aeroclub in 1938. It was my first IBG kit, but certainly not the last.

Some friend are asking about the technique I used to simulate wicker seats in 1/72 scale aircraft models, so here is the article. You will not believe how simple it is. 

As promised, I'm going to post only articles of completed projects from now on. Therefore, the wip section is gone, but I added a new section. In Detail will show particular details and oddities found in aircraft, vehicles and ships that you may have not noticed. Walkarounds will stay in References section. Debuting the section, Mosquito main landing gear covers retraction cables

To avoid finishing 2020 empty-handed, here is a full report of my build of Burma Snooper. ICM's Nakajima Type 97 Fighter, the Ki-27 Nate, built as the mount of the Capt. Toyoki Eto, Chutaichō with the 77th Sentai, in Burma, 1942. Difficult kit, lots of work. 1/72 scale. Hope you like it.


Here is IBG's RWD-8 DWL, the civilian version of the Polish trainer  in 1/72 scale. Going civilian for a change, I built it as it probably was at Łódź aeroclub in 1938. 


A very simple method to capture the texture of wicker seats used by WWI aircraft models, using materials that we all have at home.


Few AFV can be better associated to the combat in Vietnam than the M-113. This 1/35th diorama attempts to depict the movements of the 11th ACR during the Battle of Binh Long Province, in 1969. 


The D.H. Mosquito has an interesting detail on the main landing gear struts. Some model manufacturers do not pay much attention to it, but it is there. It also helps to understand the main landing gear doors retraction mechanism.