William Bros. Wright J-5 Whirlwind Engine in 1/8  Testors Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis in 1/72
  Started: february/2004
Finished: november/2004


This project started as two separated models, and in the end I decided to show then on the same display base. Both were published elsewhere. So, lazy as I am, I'll just redirect you to there.

The J-5 engine 

The J-5 Whirlwind engine project started as a review project commissioned by the William Brothers Inc. model company. A detailed text was published in 2004 at Large Scale Planes website (where I work as associated editor), in a five-parts report:

Part 1 - basic assembly and basic colors

Part 2 - details assembly and ignition harness loom

Part 3 - accessory drive, carburetor and air heater

Part 4 - cylinders, pushrods and exhaust piping

Part 5 - wiring and final assembly

It was also published by request at the Polish modeling webzine Platikowe.

The Ryan NYP - Spirit of St. Louis 

The aircraft used by Lindbergh's during his famous transatlantic flight was published at Hyperscale website in 2004. The old Testors kit in 1/72 (ex-Lindberg, I guess) scale was used. I had to make a completely new nose and engine, and I advised a very interesting method to replicate the brushed steel look of the cowling. I think the result is worth. Check the detailed article out here.

The award at IPMS-Brazil national convention in 2006

I didn't have the guts to take the whole display to the Brazilian Plastic Modeling National Convention in 2006 - too far from home. But I've brought the Ryan NYP alone to the convention. The model was awarded with a first place in Civilian Aircraft category, as well as with the Best Civil Aircraft trophy:

Additional photos 

Here are a few more pics of these models:

Technical file
- William Brothers #304
- Testors #0664

Stolen parts: 

Basic colors: 
- Primer: Gunze Mr. Surfacer 500
Engine grey (J-5): automotive lacquer
- Flat black (J-5): Tamiya XF-1 acrylics
- Aluminum (J-5): Tamiya XF-16 enamel
- Aluminum dope (SSL): Dried Model Master Aluminum Plate metalizer + Model Master metalizer sealer (60%) + Model Master metalizer thinner (40%)
- The following items of the Spirit of St. Louis were scratchbuilt:
     cockpit, nose, carburetor, stabilizers support arms, control surfaces link rods, propeller, spinner.
- The following items of the J-5 engine were scratchbuilt:
     harness loom, fixing bolts, hot air hose for the carburetor, spark plugs pipes, wiring, advancing link rod.

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