The End of Operation Rembrandt - Hobby Boss Zlin Z-42 in 1/72
  Started: October/2016
Finished: December/2016

The End of Operation Rembrandt is a vignette I did during my participation in our modeling club annual group build, themed 'Anything After WWII'. Forgive my lack of creativity, but with so many things in progress on my workbench, I couldn't choose anything much complicated because we had just a few months to finish our entries.

That's why I decided to build this little modern airplane. The idea behind the vignette was a Czech police detachment approaching a small aicraft about to take off from Leoš Janáček Airport, Ostrava. The aircraft, a Zlin Z-42 was parked in a light aircraft area of the airport, supposedly carrying the product of a major robbery - a suitcase containing jewelry worth one million dollars... More on that later.  

The kit couldn't be simpler: Hobby Boss Z-42 has a half dozen or so parts and decals:


I started adding cowling fins, refining the landing gear, and of course scratchbuilding important items to go inside the cabin: a map, a Louis Vuitton purse and the million dolar suitcase.

Note: my older daughter said to me later that the purse doesn't look anything like a 
Louis Vuitton - and called my ignorant. Damn! Sorry, folks, bad research of my part...

With so few parts to deal with, work progressed quickly. I spent some time working on the landing gear and the canopy, then riveting the whole airframe. The only issue was to work with a transparent styrene:


Soon the model was primed with Tamiya white primer. I drilled holes to accept antennas, handles and other details:

The blue colored trims of the painting scheme is GSI Mr.Color Character Blue (#110), straight from the bottle. It matched almost perfectly the decals colors:

The landing gear received brake cables. The airframe was washed with a brown color, and everything airbrushed with a semi-gloss clear to impart that used look to the little airplane. Finally, I removed the canopy masks and added the missing parts. At that point, only the tail beacon was missing:

Moving on, the police van came from the Hasegawa ground crew set. I added lights and reflectors and made up the color scheme.  

The main actors of the scene came from the same Hasegawa kit of the Chevy, plus an old mechanic from a Preiser set. Now imagine Uncle Sladek talking to Captain Pavel: C'mon captain, I'm just the pilot... while Lt. Slim await in the chevy and you got the idea:

One of the main excuses to enter this group build was the method I used to simulate tarmac seams, which I detailed in another article. But since the aircraft was parked, I elected to place it close to a fence, too. The columns of the fence were 1mm aluminum rods bent to shape, while the insulators were slices of stretched sprue glued to accept electric cables later on. The fence itself is a piece of Tulle cut to size, reinforced with a cable at the bottom, middle and top:


Nearing the end, during boring modeling night, I decided to add a garbage basket to the outside of the fence. For some reason, I went as far as adding old newspaper, soda cup, and even a banana peel in that basket. Dry leaves were spread along the fence base as well. Either that place needs a good clean up or I need more sleep:

The base received another wood board glued underside, which was wrapped with a mosaic of Euros that I printed...  And after gluing everything in the base, Operation Rembrandt ended...

Making this vignette was quick, uncompromised and fun... No worries whatsoever if something was not that good, and a lot of things were not... But I guess that is the spirit of a group build:

Technical file
- Hobby Boss #80231
- Hasegawa Chevy van
- Hasegawa and Preiser figures
Basic colors: 
- Primer: Tamiya Dark Yellow spray can
- White: automotive lacquer
Blue: GSI Gunze Mr.Color Character Blue (#110)
- Automotive semi-gloss clear.
- Some scratchbuilt details (see text).

Rato Marczak © 2017