This section shows some of the finished models in my collection. The objective is to show their construction in a truly step-by-step fashion. Not all my models are here, though. Please note that some articles here were sold to magazines, and in these cases I'm only including a glimpse of the model. The models are roughly in chronological order, so keep in mind that some of them are very old.

Dioramas & vignettes:

The 1/72 scale diorama Busy Sunday shows an ancient Heller F6F-5 (gasp!) and a scratchbuilt Clark CT-46 tow tractor aboard USS Enterprise during 1944, in preparation for the Battle of Phillippine Sea.

Under New Management: Another model of mine recovered from the shelf of doom... the Revell Bf-109G-10 in 1/72 scale as surrended at Neubiberg, Germany, May 1945.

Empire Warrior: The Hasegawa Ki-61 Otsu in 1/72 was as long term project to learn riveting and stressed skin techniques.

The Lizzard is a small vignette starring the little ICM Sd.Kfz.222 in 1/72 scale.

November 9th depicts the day in 1950 when the first jet vs. jet kill happened, during the Korea War. A much improved Hasegawa F9F-2 Panther in 1/72 scale was used as Lt.Cmdr. Amen's aircraft, aboard USS Philippine Sea, including a F4 Models NC-1A starter unit.

Retreat is a 1/72 Eastern front diorama starring a Famo, a Kanone 18 and a Sd.Kfz.253 somewhere in 1943.

Red Pounder is my rendition of the not so good PST KV-122 in 1/72 scale, near Zaporozhye, Ukraine in mid-1943. That is the most probable area and time of the use of the few KV-122s by the 8th Guard Tank Corps, during their offensive in the direction of the Dnieper river.  

'Nam Taxi is the Academy M113 ACAV on move  during the Battle of Binh Long Province, Vietnam, 1969.


The Sheep's Nest. One of my first models after my return to the hobby. It's a small diorama in 1/144 scale starring the Revell F4U-1D Corsair as it should look in Vella Lavella in 1942. Published by the late Air and Sea Models magazine in 1999.
First of the Few. A kitbashing of two old Airfix Mk.I and Mk.V Spitfires produced the K5054, the Supermarine Spitfire prototype as shown to the public at Martlesham Heath in July/1936. Published by Fine Scale Modeler magazine in issue Feb/2008.
War Prize is a very battered Tamiya Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan in 1/72, as it was found by the Americans at Kokugijitsusho unit in 1945. This kit was fully riveted using my home-made riveter.
Here's another small diorama. The Last Days of Pan Am depicts a  Boeing 727-200 parked at Miami Intl. Airport circa 1982. The finger, tarmac and accessories were scratchbuilt.
Ford at War. The excellent Tamiya F4D Skyray is shown here in 1/72 scale, ready to lunch from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Mediterranean cruise in 1960. This model has scratchbuilt deck and catapult gear.
This is my commemorative display of the 75th anniversary of the first transatlantic flight. It presents a much improved Testors Spirit of St. Louis in 1/72 scale and the William Bros. Wright Whirlwind J-5 engine in 1/8 scale.
Russian Rat. The little Hasegawa Polikarpov I-16 in 1/72 seemed a nice kit at a first glance. In the end I added a new cockpit and many details to bring this model to a better standard.
Dad & Son. The cold-war missile AGM-86B 1/72 kit from the obscure Projekts Model Co. displayed side by side with its dad, the Henschel Hs-293, stolen from the Revell Fw-200 kit. 
Royal Eagle used heavy scratchbuilding work on the 1/72 Revell (ex-Matchbox) Heinkel He-70K in the Royal Hungarian Air Force livery. This project features scratchbuililt interior, engine and landing gear.
A fun conversion of the old Heller Fieseler Fi-156 Storch in 1/72 to a tracked configuration...
Touchdown: The venerable Revell Tradewind receives an overhaul and lands on the Pacific Ocean waters
Too little, too late: The Dewoitine D.520 is my first French subject ever. This is the Hasegawa offering in 1/72 scale.
New breed is a conversion of the Hobby Boss F-84 in the XF-84, second prototype configuration, in 1/72 scale. 
A Cold Morning. A fighter from the 20's, for a change. This is ICM's 1/72 scale Polikarpov IL-400, the first Russian monoplane fighter.
Fairey Gannet T.Mk.II: This should be a quick project, but ended with lots of self inflicted problems. Trumpeter's kit in 1/72 scale.
Comet roots: This is the DFS-194, the predecessor of the famous Messerschmitt Me-163, from PM models in 1/72 scale.
Tiger Down: How to turn an Easy Model into a Difficult Model. This is the Hobby Boss P-40B in 1/72 scale, upgraded to a better standard. The vignette is based on a real AVG photo.
Fleet Defender presents my Revell Sea Hurricane in 1/72 scale aboard HMS Ravager, October 1944.
I'm Watching You: a glimpse of modern air warfare, this is the Italeri/Platz MQ-1A Predator in 1/72 scale.
Стрелять на поражение (Shoot to kill): Any collection of Soviet interceptors must have a Sukhoi Su-15. This one is the Trumpeter's kit in 1/72 scale.

The Rain Before the Storm: Tamiya 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109E is the simplicity in itself. Here is my interpretation of Major Hans Assi Hahn's mount in October 1939.
Skyservant: My adventures in hand brushing camouflage with the Revell (ex-Matchbox) Dornier Do-28D in 1/72 scale.
Czech Checker: Here is an interesting interpretation of Eduard's 1/72 scale MiG-15 in Czechlovak Air Force livery.
Austrian interceptor: The Revell (Hasegawa) Saab J-35 Draken in 1/72 was built almost out of the box.
Hunter Days shows my take at the very good Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter F.6
Late Marquee is my rendition of the nice Airfix Spitfire F Mk.22 in 1/72 scale, finished in overall silver.
Burma Snooper is my ICM's Nakajima Type 97 Fighter, the Ki-27 Nate, built as the mount of the Capt. Toyoki Eto, Chutaichō with the 77th Sentai, in Burma, 1942. Difficult kit, lots of work. 1/72 scale.
Going civilian for a change, #8 shows the IBG kit of the RWD-8 DWL, the popular Polish trainer as it was at Łdź aeroclub in 1938. 1/72 scale


Первые шаги (First Moves). The Dragon T-34/76 in 1/72 scale was used as a test bed to improve my limited weathering techniques. I couldn't resist and put it in action during the first months of war in Russia.
Jger is my Dragon Jagdpanzer IV A-0 in 1/144 scale. Yep, that small...
Kanone is the Revell offering of the 17cm Kanone 18, as it should look when retreating from Kursk in 1943. This model was used in the Retreat diorama.
Schwerlast: Another small scale AFV used in the Retreat diorama. This is Trumpeter's Sd.Kfz.9 Famo 18 ton truck in 1/72, with lots of details and cargo load.
Combatente is the terrible RPM's 1/72 Renault FT-17 in Brazilian Army livery, as it looked during the 1924 Revolution.
The somewhat rare Sd.Kfz.253 half track in 1/72, using the Italeri kit. It was used in the Retreat diorama.
The First Wave of British Heavy Metal depits a typical WWI scene. Airfix Mark I Male in 1/72 scale.
F4 Models NC-1A Aircraft Starter Unit in 1/72 will be part of a 1/72 scale diorama. It is a nice kit on its own, though. 
Trumpeter flatbed railway gondola will be part of the Leaving the Tunnel 1/35 scale diorama, depicting a locomotive and a gondola pulling a partially assembled He-162 outside a gypsum mine during the last months of war.
Trumpeter WR-360 engine will be part of the Leaving the Tunnel 1/35 scale diorama, depicting a locomotive and a gondola pulling a partially assembled He-162 outside a gypsum mine during the last months of war.
This is the diminutive Polish TKS tankette from RPM (ex-Mirage) in 1/35 scale, as it probably looked like during the opening WWII weeks.


My first submarine since I was kid. This is the small Gato class SS-212, from the Hobby Boss kit in 1/700 scale.
Here is a modern submarine, the SSN-772 Greenville, from the Hobby Boss kit in 1/700 scale.
Any submarine collection must have a U-boat. Here is mine, a Type VII B in 1/700 scale from Hobby Boss.
An adventure in the realm of sailing ships, this is my Revell Cutty Sark in 1/350 scale.


Here are a few very very old models built during my childhood. Still today, they are my best efforts...
I had lots of fun with this Airifx Beam Engine, from their Museum Models Construction Kit series. Building something this different is an excellent way to have fun and improve your weathering skills, believe me.
The End of Operation Rembrandt was my unpretentious entry in a group build of our modeling club starring Hobby Boss Zlin Z-42 and a Hasegawa Chevy in 1/72 scale.

Rato Marczak 2021