Honest product reviews published almost in real time is one of the joys of the internet. I don't think everything must be reviewed, but I intend to upload reviews in this section anytime whenever I think it is worth. For now I'm mixing kit & book reviews with modeling supplies and tools. If you have something interesting to add here, just let me know...


Silver Wings first kit ever: the Superparine Southampton in 1/72 scale. A beautiful resin model.
We finally have a Heinkel He-51 in the large scale. Silver Wings provided photos of the masters for this model.  Check it out.
Result of a Fine Molds / Model Graphix joint venture, this A6M2 Zero is reportedly the best Zero in 1/72 scale. Find out why.
Phantom Models Flight Deck Tractor depicts the vehicle used aboard French and Brazilian aircraft carriers. 1/72 scale.
A nice kit of a long forgotten aircraft. This is Whirlybird Jolly Green Giant full resin kit in 1/72 scale.
A most interesting 3D printed model of a steamroller in 1/72 scale, from Military Scales.

Accessories & Detail sets:

Tom's Modelworks generic photo etched set for WWI german aircraft interiors (1/32).
A drop-fit exhaust stack replacement Hasegawa's Stuka (1/32).

The impressive Voyager cockpit upgrade set for the Hasegawa Ju-87G (1/32).
A straight replacement set of wheels for the Hasegawa Ju-87G. Both treaded and smooth tires are provided (1/32).
AMS resin cockpit is a nice improvement for the Trumpeter's MiG-17  in 1/32.
A careful look on the CMK's Me-262 V056 & V083 conversion for the Revell kit in 1/72.
Voyager PE fronds for palm trees in 1/72 scale.
A nice ideia from Dragon: injected plastic aircraft seatbelts, in all three popular scales.
An excellent drop fit wicker seat replacement for British WWI aircraft in 1/32 scale by Barracuda.
My adventures in 3D printing: a review of the somewhat disappointing 1/72 US Navy Carrier Deck Set 3, produced by Shapeways.
Fuel models produces well-researched and well-cast drop-fit details and accessories. I just reviewed five of their sets. They are excellent value for your money.  
Factory Modelismo is offering a wide range of 3D printed  modeling accessories, figures, and tools for your projects. Choose your scale and print them in excellent quality.  


Hobby Decal dry transfer stencils for the Fw-190 in 1/32 scale.
Hobby Decal dry transfer stencils for the Bf-109 in 1/32 scale.
Hobby Decal dry transfer stencils for the Bf-110 in 1/32 scale.
Hobby Decal dry transfer stencils for the Me-262 in 1/32 scale.
Airscale cockpit instruments for WWI aircraft in 1/32 scale.
Airscale cockpit placards for WWII Allied aircraft in 1/32 scale.
Micro Mark water slide surface details, including rivets, are originally intended to O and HO railroad models, but sure you will have a different use for them.
Satellite Caution Stencil set in 1/72 are very useful and will find their way in many projects.

Delta One Yugoslav and Croatian Me-109G-6 decals in 1/32 scale are two very interesting decal sheets of unusual subjects.
Delta One Bort Numbers in two styles in 1/72 scale.
Delta One American G-6s decals for captured Gustavs in all three popular scales.
Black Cat decals for unique Portuguese AF Fighting Falcons and Hurricanes.

Tools, supplies & materials:

Sagyma SW770 professional double action airbrush.        
Gunze Sangyo (GSI Creos) Mr. Dissolved Putty
Trumpeter Hobby Rivet Maker
Scale Modelsports photoetched scriber set.
A very useful and flexible (literally) tool: 3M No.471 Blue Tape
A good replacement for Dymo tapes in rescribing jobs.
If you want a very thin disc to cut resin and model parts, this is it.
A wonderful set of sanding and polishing sticks.
A comparison of gels to simulate rippled water effect in dioramas.


F4U Corsair In Action. Book #220 in aircraft series.
U Boats - Mergulhando na História (U Boats - Diving in History) is the personal account of the author after diving in several U boat wrecks around the world.
Curtiss P-40 in Brazil - Another fine book by Leandro Casella and Professor Rudnei Dias da Cunha.
F4U-1 Corsair vol. 1. Aircraft Pictorial #7 by Dana Bell.
F4U-1 Corsair vol. 2. Aircraft Pictorial #8 by Dana Bell.
De Truk a Narvik - Mergulhando na História (From Truk to Narvik - Diving in History) is the second book of our friend Nestor Magalhães accounting his several dives in WWI and II battlefields and landmarks.

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